‘Hwylus’: Welsh adjective: to facilitate, free, uninterrupted, prosperous, happy, healthy

Hwylus is a professional services consultancy with a difference. Hwylus takes inspiration from rural Wales to help you cultivate your ideas, with passion and colour.

Hwylus can help you scope, plan and deliver your projects.

Empowering you to achieve your goals through workshops, training and coaching packages.

Bringing people together through events that make you think and work differently – creating the right conditions for change.

Asking insightful questions and bringing fresh ideas with proven experience to make a difference to your work through our consultancy.


Hwylus is interested in people and the way they think, talk and do.

Traditional welsh values of kindness, integrity and equality are core to the Hwylus way.

Hwylus is warm, enthusiastic and wants to make positive change.

Your knowledge in the field of marketing and how to identify with our niche demographics was very helpful. Your approach is very down-to-earth, making any advice you present really accessible, easy to digest and take on board. The impact you have made is very positive and measurably significant!


Hwylus was founded by Helen Gwenllian, a creative rural specialist in 2016. Helen started Hwylus to fill a gap for corporate consultancy that provided a ‘truly welsh’ insight, and the ability to engage with rural stakeholders in a down-to-earth way.

Today, Helen uses her background in Sustainability, Visitor Experience and Heritage to provide services to a range of corporate bodies, public sector organisations, small businesses and charities.

Helen works with people to find their purpose, develop an effective working structure and keep momentum in the face of adversity. Helen delivers workshops, talks, and coaching packages to cultivate and inspire her clients. And through her consultancy, works on many bespoke projects.

A Chartered Environmentalist and an Associate of the Association for Heritage Interpretation, Helen is committed to continuing professional and personal development.

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