the hwylus way

the hwylus way to get things done

A Japanese and Welsh fusion of effective working

The Little things that make a Big difference to your workplace.

What is it about?

No more getting to 4.00pm, with half of the to-do list untouched. This coaching workshop is aimed to getting the right things done to move your business forward.

tell me


  • How easily do things get done in your workplace?
  • Do you have a clear way of communicating what needs to be done?
  • Does everyone know how to prioritise what is most important for your business?
  • How often do people get to 4pm, with half the to-do list left?
  • What are working relationships like?
  • Are they ‘Hwylus’?

During this workshop, I will help you explore ways to improve your workflow, and your working relationships, based on ‘little things that make a big difference’.

A key part of the coaching will involve identifying your team’s goals and your collective values.


From this we will:-

  • explore how to make important decisions swiftly
  • learn to prioritise tasks
  • understand effective ways to communicate as a team


I will share a range of techniques with you,

blending the Japanese philosophy of ‘kaizen’

with the ‘Welsh way’ of working.


These will include exercises to:-

  • help you gain clarity and focus
  • help you maintain a balanced outlook under pressure
  • help you influence others with clear communication
  • help you develop an effective work plan based on your workplace personality


Attendees of this course will:


  • become more aware of your habits and behaviours to enable success
  • have useful, practical tools to manage your work
  • learn how to work effectively with your team, and under pressure

You’re very engaging to work with.


Your approach is very down-to-earth, making any advice you present really accessible, easy to digest and take on board. The impact you have made is very positive and measurably significant.


Very well run and constructed workshop. A good team building exercise.

Workshop Participant

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From £75 per person

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Hwylus is a specialist rural consultancy, founded by Helen Howells. Blending a background in Sustainability, Visitor Experience and Heritage to inspire vibrant rural communities. Hwylus empowers people to make meaningful change through workshops, business development and specialist consultancy.

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