little delightful things

little delightful things

The little things that make a BIG difference to your customers.

How to enchant your customers

We help you delight your customers with enthusiasm, compassion and a little bit of Hwylus magic!

What is it about?

We’ll work with you and your team to design an enchanting customer experience, where bringing the magic is the norm.

Tell Me

  • Do you know what your customers’ expectations are before they buy from you?
  • Do you know if you meet or exceed their expectations?
  • Do your staff understand your values and know how to make every contact count?
  • Do you have a consistent way to delight and ignite your customers?
  • Do you know what your magic is?
  • Are your customers your best marketeers?


During this course, I will help you explore and design your an enchanting customer experience for your business. Based in behavioural psychology and a background in branding, we will look at effective techniques to improve customer service and create a happy working environment.


We will:-

  • explore fundamentals of great customer experience
  • develop a gap analysis to identify key focus areas
  • learn practical tools in building rapport and creating the right vibes


I will share a range of practical techniques

with you, bringing the ‘croeso’ and ‘hwyl’

to your company.


These will include:-

  • helping you to understand the fundamentals of rapport
  • confidence in handling customer complaints and negative feedback
  • ways to increase sales, without selling
  • creating an environment where great customer service is a by-product of great teamwork


Attendees of this course will:-


  • become aware of their language and behaviour and the impact on customers
  • have useful, practical tools to manage difficult conversations
  • understand their role in adding value to the workplace by working effectively and increasing revenue through relationships

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Hwylus is a specialist rural consultancy, founded by Helen Howells. Blending a background in Sustainability, Visitor Experience and Heritage to inspire vibrant rural communities. Hwylus empowers people to make meaningful change through workshops, business development and specialist consultancy.

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